Summer 2014: Lightning Strikes & All


Since school FINALLY started for me this week I thought I'd list off all the awesome things I did this summer because it was both incredible as well as incredibly busy. Haha!

  1. Family Pictures in Utah.                                             

  2. One Republic Concert in Utah.                                           
  3. Slept over at Becky's She had a creepy balloon outside her window.        
  4. Visited Jamie at her hometown in Colfax, California. Hung out at Lake Tahoe and the Bear River. 
  6. Taught Neuroscience to incoming freshman this summer at Madison High School.        
      I really love brains!
  8. Made some awesome friends from Texas! Love these girls so freaking much!  
  9. Went out to dinner with my Godmother Vickie (I'll write a whole post on her soon!) and her daughter.                                                    
  10. Cleaned up the streets for fun with Takaho, Ryoma, and April and then it poured on us!             
  11. Went on a hike with Mariko!                     
  12. Hung out with Rashika at the Waterfront.        
  13. Went to a great 4th of July party.               
  14. Saw some suspiciously free doughnuts.    
  15. Went to the co: Rockaway.                      
  16. Went to the Famer's Market, both in Salem and Portland.  
  17. Took an epic pic of the cows behind my house.   
  18. Went to Kylie's Bridal Shower. 
  19. Almost got struck by lightning.                                                                                                           
  20. Went Swing Dancing (haha, can check that off my bucket list!) 
  21. Was on Good Morning America because of this video. George Freaking Stephanopoulos mentioned me on GMA!                            
  22. Went to Door of Hope. Really liked it there!    
  23. Ate at Salem's TABLE FIVE 08.              
  24. Saw the Book of Mormon Musical!          
  25. Went to Zach and McKenna's Wedding.         
  26. My twin baby cousins turned 1!                
  27. Worked at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp for 2 weeks.  
  28. Went to Kylie's Wedding.                                                                                             
  29. Went to San Francisco with Jamie, Brenna, and Bekah. 
  30. Went to my cousin Ashley's wedding in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was a bridesmaid. 
  31. Volunteered at the Hood to Coast race. 
  32. Went to the Oregon State Fair.            
  33. Walked a lot at Minto-Brown Park.            
  34. Took lots of pics of the amazing sky!            
  35. Went to Multnomah Falls.                         
  36. Pet-sitted. 
  37. Went to Prague.                                                                                 
  38. Went to Budapest.       

Totally got lost without cell service, but I survived!                                                  
37. Stayed the night in Amsterdam.                     
38. Went hiking up to the Witch's Castle with Becky.          
39. Started a website.                                          

So, yeah, I've been busy this summer and I can't wait to be even more busy again. Love Fall! It's my favorite season.

Loving life!
What did you do this summer?



  1. I met an amazing PSU student who taught me what it's like to be an adventurer and life liver. She's a great writer, an awesome explorer, but an even better friend. My life has been greatly blessed since Jason brought you to hang out at 23D!

    1. Awe, thank you so much Ashley! This made me tear up a little! :)


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