Thankful for Vickie

Me and Vickie. 
So last Thursday night I saw "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" which was incredibly frustrating since it's only the first half of the story. I left the theatre feeling annoyed and pissed off rather than satisfied and wowed like I did with "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire." And... I have to wait a whole freaking year until the second half of the story comes out.
That. Just. Sucks.

First world problems, eh?

Anyhow, it was not my intention to complain about how unfair it was of Lionsgate to split the movie into two parts, but to rather tell you an interesting story of how I met my Godmother Vickie.

You: Wait, that's random?
Me: I know, I know. I realize this, especially since I just opened up with The Hunger Games, but trust me... there's a connection.

So, I met Vickie last year at the midnight release of Catching Fire, while waiting in line at Regal Cinemas Bridgeport. Four of my friends and I sat on the cold tiled floor of the lobby with our backs against the wall (yeah, super comfy, right?). I, however, was the only one dressed up. The kind of dressed up where people took pictures not with you but of you. I totally looked like--well, no--you could tell I was Katniss. Like I wore boots, a leather jacket, and I had this ridiculous black wig I wrestled into Katniss submission. I even toted a kid's bow and arrow around! Yep, the whole thing was beautifully nerdy.
Oh god... that wig. 

Well, we had about three hours left to wait in line and let's be honest, waiting in line is not the funnest thing in the world to do (that's why as much as I love Disneyland I also hate it for a large percentage of the time I'm there), so my friends understandably wanted to leave to do other more exciting things like window shop, eat food, and charge their cellphones back at the car. And when I say my friends I mean all of them. They figured since I was the most enthusiastic one about the film that I should hold their place in line. Not gonna lie, I gave them the pathetic pouting lip look one gives to their parents at age two, but this didn't change their minds as I had hoped.

Me, Jamie, Keiana, and Natsuki.
"Fine," I whined and then dramatically pointed off to the right at a complete stranger saying, "you are going to be my new best friend!"
Woman: Oh, ok!
My friends laughed and made their way out of the theatre.

I turned to the woman with long blonde/silver-ish hair and said: Well, now that we're best friends, um, heh, what's your name?
Woman: Vickie! Your's?
Me: Amanda.
Then we shook hands and just started talking (about everything, I basically told her my life story) and it was awesome!

When my friends came back HOURS later (no I don't think it was that long, but they were gone a while), I made a new friend and this made them laugh. After Catching Fire, I immediately became friends with her on Facebook (making it official! haha), Vickie then invited me to her house for Thanksgiving (I was already going down to CA, but the offer was so sweet), we saw the midnight premiere of "The Fault in Our Stars", she and one of her twin daughters took me out to dinner for my birthday, and of course Mockingjay!
Me, Vickie, and Nicole celebrating my birthday. 
We joke and say she's my Godmother. I love her so much! Haha. She is such a kind soul who is incredibly supportive of me and since it's Thanksgiving I thought I'd share how thankful I am to have met her and to have her in my life to see movies with.

Moral of the story: Don't be shy, say hi, because you might just meet a Vickie.

Do you have a friend you met in a strange way?

Blog to you later!


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