Going Up the Eiffel Tower: Vlog & Commentary

In this video I take you up the Eiffel Tower!

I love this video! Haha! Maybe because I crack myself up. For some reason, this video has the most views out of all my travel videos.

What I like most about this video is that it starts off with me asking my mom what we are doing, she answers, and then the music plays. That's how I want the rest of my videos to start with. I like the energy in this video!

But dang people! I really had to go pee and they didn't have a restroom at the very top of the Eiffel Tower. Shame. I nearly peed my pants. I thought it'd be funny if I filmed that.

I'm learning not to get attached to certain clips. If it doesn't work well with the overall story delete it! It's kind of like editing a book or learning not to be a hoarder. I love the editing process. It's probably my favorite part!

Ok, so the French pronounce the Eiffel Tower as the A-full Tower.
Thanks to my TimeHop App I remembered that Eiffel Tower recently had its 126 birthday and impressed our tour guide.

Me & my Momma. 

Such a great view! So lucky to go at sunset.

Have you ever gone up the Eiffel Tower? I highly recommend it, unless you are afraid of heights and get claustrophobic. The elevator that takes you to the way, way top is rather uncomfortable because it is small and they really cram you in there. While I was in there I thought about how the people crammed into cars on the train going to concentration camps had it way worse and it really freaked me out!

Blog to you later!


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