Paris Day Two: Vlog and Commentary

Ok, so in this video I take you to see the Eiffel Tower by myself.

I had actually filmed a lot earlier that day, but I felt rushed and, in all honesty, I looked a little pissed off in the video, so I didn't use that footage. I've learned it's hard to vlog both with a group of people and by yourself. It's hard to vlog with a group because you have to keep up with their pace and filming by yourself is hard because you just feel like this major weirdo walking the streets and talking into a camera.

I was a little burnt out after filming this. Like I said, vlogging is hard, and exhausting. After filming a while, however, I felt more comfortable about filming. At the end of the day I was pleased with what I made.

Practice makes perfect--scratch that--perfect practice makes perfect! I will eventually get a hang of this people!

Blog to you later!


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