Paris Trip: First Time Vlogging


Sorry this is such a late post. We are ridiculously busy here at the Yancey/Culver-Truby household. Traveling, vlogging, editing videos, moving into a different place on the coast, and getting our messy house all cleaned up to sell is slightly exhausting.

Anyhow, you may have already seen the videos I put together of my trip (I still need to edit more of the London footage), but here is the first vlog I did with some added commentary.

This video is of Mike and I and later Drew driving up to Portland, flying to Salt Lake City, hanging out in the SLC airport, flying to Paris, and then finding our AirBNB.


  • Vlogging is hard. 
  • Just getting the camera out, turning it on, and like making sure everything is in focus as you lug your various belongings with you at the same time is hard. I don't know how other vloggers do it so easily. Guess like everything else in life it takes practice. 
  • Since this is the first time I ever vlogged while traveling this video is a little on the long side. Don't force yourself to watch the whole thing. 
  • It doesn't have music or any sound effects, so I personally find it boring. 
  • It's also hard to be entertaining when you feel and look tired. 
  • I was also shy filming around strangers, so I might have came across a little awkward. 
  • Also I filmed a lot with the camera below me not in front of my face for the reason above. 
  • I wish I filmed us looking for the AirBNB, but we were all pretty cranky (we'd all been up for over 24 hours) and my battery was low.
  • I also should have filmed us looking for Cindy at the airport. 
I will add the rest of the videos with commentary later.

Blog to you later!



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