Pre-Paris Vlogging


I need to make this fast because it's the buttcrack of dawn and I need to head out the door soon.

Anyhow, I just wanted to write down that I am very excited about Paris tomorrow and that I also get to see my brother Drew. First we are flying to Salt Lake City, Utah and then off to Paris.

I practiced a little bit of my vlogging skills today and it felt weird. Like I filmed a lot of myself as I got errands done and it just felt weird. I feel more comfortable Snapchatting for some reason because it's on my iPhone. I'm assuming it's something you learn to feel comfortable with. Anyhow, I started feeling a little down on myself because it didn't look like the Shaytards or Jack's Gap who are two of my favorite vloggers (I was like: Dang it, if only I had cute children in my videos or a killer British accent then I'd be interesting, but I'm sure I can be interesting just being Amanda Yancey.), but hey, this is my first time doing something like this and it is going to take some time. I just have to keep reminding myself that. If you watch earlier videos of like the Shaytards they were nothing like they are now. So, I just want to remind you that whatever you want to do in life, it's ok if you suck at it at first because you will get better! Just keep being determined.

What you see in this video is just a sliver of what I actually filmed today.

Ok off to take a quick shower. Night!

Blog/Vlog to you later!



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