The Lourve: Vlog and Commentary

In this video we go to the Lourve.

So this video was actually filmed before going up the Eiffel Tower, we did both things in one day. It was a busy day to say the least!

Once again I like that the video starts off with me asking what we're doing and Mike answering and then music plays. He doesn't answer with "going to the Lourve" but he gives a pretty darn accurate answer of "We're gonna stand around" which is totally what we did that day.

I filmed so much in the Lourve, which made editing this video a challenge. I wanted to keep every single clip, but it'd be over an hour if I did that. I love how the running joke of these videos seems to be about poor headless John the Baptist.

The Lourve was great, except... there were like a MILLION people there and I seriously hate crowds. Who likes them? Do people actually like crowds? Is that a thing? I get pretty dang cranky and panicky when there are a lot of people around. I was shooting this one painting and this one guy totally bumped into me without apologizing and took the picture right in front of me. I wanted to whack him over the head with my camera--I think you'll be pleased to hear that I resisted.

My favorite area was that large space with all the statues because hardly anyone was there. I felt so peaceful watching people sketch the sculptures. I literally could have hung out there all day.

Before I end this post I want to point out that this is the first vlog in which I actually tried to edit the clips to the beat of the music and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

I also need to find different music to use for my videos. I'm starting to run out of songs on iMovie. Are there any other songs I can use that won't have copyright issues on YouTube? I'm very new at this, so I would love some advice.

Blog to you later!


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