Paris Cemetery Vlog and Commentary


I've been doing quite a bit of traveling lately and have been focusing more on editing these videos that end up taking like 900 minutes to upload onto YouTube because for some reason the internet connection is poor out here in South Salem.

This next video is one I made in the Paris Cemetery, one of my favorite cemeteries ever. Like I mentioned in the video, I love going to cemeteries for the art and history. I love reading unusual names and imagining what the lives of these people were like.

This video actually took quite a long time to edit because I had a lot of footage to sort through. Unfortunately in order to make this video reasonably short I couldn't use all the clips I took, so it was difficult at first deciding which clips could stay and which had to go. However, once you're sick of editing making these decisions isn't that hard anymore. It's good to learn how to be objective when editing.

Earlier in this video I talk about how I wished I could have shot some stuff from the metro, but like I said earlier it was a little too chaotic. Sometimes not getting those shots really eats me up inside, but I've slowly learned to let things go. To just go with the flow and not stress so much over nothing because goodness Amanda is it really that big of a deal? No. The answer is no.

At about 1:20 I talk about how my back was really hurting. I was actually in some serious pain that day and I felt like vlogging about it. I can't help from cringing/laughing at the part when I talk about how you shouldn't let pain stop you from going on adventures because it came out super cheesy and that obviously wasn't my intention.

This definitely isn't my favorite video I made for a couple reasons: 1.) I don't like the flow of it 2.) I'm not very energetic, but that's because I was aching and 3.) I wish I could have shown you more of the cemetery, but it's HUGE.

Well, nevertheless I still like that I made it because it truly is one of my favorite cemeteries and I enjoy the memory of going there!

Blog/Vlog to you later!



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