Paris Restaurant Vlog and Commentary


After making this video I've discovered how much I love filming food. My Canon Power Shot S120 makes food look just as delicious and beautiful as it really is, which is amazing!

I shot this video the same day as going to the Lourve and up the Eiffel Tower. At first I wanted to make one long video of everything I did that day, but I quickly discovered after editing the Lourve footage that it'd be best to separate the activities into three different videos, so that's what I did. I love how simple this video is. It's only 39 seconds! Also, the music makes it fun to watch! Mike's comment at the end is hilarious too because it's true, you come out of that place stuffed with pure deliciousness!

I've been to Paris twice now and each time my mom has taken me to this incredible restaurant le Relais de l'Entrecote that only serves salad, mouth-watering steak with a tangy green sauce, french fries, and desserts. The line going in can be awfully long sometimes, but it's so worth the wait. I highly recommend this restaurant during your trip in Paris!

Blog/Vlog to you later!


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