Traveling to Hawaii Vlog and Commentary


Alright, onto the Hawaiian vlogs!
First time ever going to Hawaii. 2001. 
Ok this vlog I'm about to share with you is by far my favorite video I've made so far. I just love how it came together. Only part I don't like is the ending. I think it ends abruptly, it's not very conclusiony like my other vlogs. However, I like it so much better than my other vlogs for the following reasons.

New PDX carpet. Hmm...
  1. I filmed way more footage than I actually used like Drew (my brother) advised, giving me lots of footage to quickly piece together. 
  2. I love starting off the vlog with the time and saying something about "the butt-crack of dawn". I think that's going to be a trademark of mine. 
  3. Love the shots of the PDX carpet and lack thereof. 
  4. I also love that vlogging in the airport, like me talking to the camera, came much easier that time than it did in Paris or London. 
  5. I love the shots out the window of taking off in Portland and landing in Hawaii. Something I've always wanted to do in a vlog. 
  6. I also like how it's freezing in the car in Salem and then super hot in the car in Hawaii. 
  7. Also, my family is hilarious. I love all the quotes from my dad in this video. 
One of the coolest things about vlogging is seeing something that took hours shortened down to just a couple of minutes.

By the way, that bowl of eggs and sausages my dad got on the flight was delicious! Highly recommend it if its on your flight!


Blog/Vlog to you later!


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