Concerts, Punchbowl Falls, & Other Adventures

Hello Friends!

This post is mostly an update of what I've been and will be up to.
  1. Chiropractor: Since returning home from camp I've seen the chiropractor 2-3 times a week. I'm on a couple new supplements and trying not to be in pain anymore (because pain really sucks), but I gotta tell you it's been frustrating because no matter what I do--yoga, walking, sleeping, driving, taking pain meds--I still seem to be in pain. Since this is the case and has been the case for a few months now, I'm in the process of scheduling a follow-up appointment with my surgeon down at Stanford.
  2. Concerts: I've seen 2 concerts this month and it's been a blast! I love listening to live music.
    1. George Ezra: Oh my goodness... George is beautiful and has a lovely voice. Saw him at the Crystal Ballroom with my old roommate Jamie Weisman who is back from her epic European adventure (we were one person away from being in the front row). 
      Took this pic with my iPhone from where I was standing. Close right?
      I love that his songs were inspired by his travels. You can listen to his songs below.

    2. 94.7 Birthday Bash: My favorite radio station has been on the air for 20 years now and they wanted to celebrate with a special concert that included 8 bands (Of Monsters and Men, Matt & Kim, Glass Animals, CAKE, Joywave, Chet Faker, Robert Delong, and Saint Motel). I joined my friend Ellen, her brother, and her brother's friends; luckily they got there early and saved me a spot at a table--otherwise sitting on the gravel (even with my towel) or standing for 11 hours would have seriously put me out of commission.

      My favorite bands were Saint Motel and Of Monsters & Men, which you can listen to below.

  3. Punchbowl Falls: I really shouldn't have, but I did. I hiked 4 miles (roundtrip) one day to Punchbowl Falls (a place I've always wanted to go) with my friend Ellen. It was a beautiful hike up the mountain trails, along precarious cliffs, and is a nice place to cool off in the summer. Ellen swam toward the falls. I didn't, but I definitely dipped my toes in. Next time I'll take a swim.

    Ellen (and I) hiking down the trail, back to the parking lot. 

    See, I went in the water! Isn't this spot beautiful?

    Random girl about to jump into the water. This waterfall is downstream from Punchbowl Falls. 

    I seriously can't wait to come back to this little piece of paradise. 
  4. Visiting Friends: I've been very fortunate to visit with my friends in between coming back from working in Utah and preparing to live in southern California for my internship. I've mostly gone out for coffee (or hot chocolate in my case), lunch, or done a LUSH run. Apparently one of my love languages is "Quality Time", so I'm incredibly thankful for the time I get to spend one-on-one with my friends. It means the world to me. Only wish Salem was closer to Portland.
    Archive Coffee with my wonderful friend Miriam. 

    Kristin and I treating ourselves to LUSH!
  5. Writing: It's going great! As you've probably noticed I've been blogging quite a bit lately, updating y'all on being a camp counselor in Utah as well as my past travels to Hawai'i and Tokyo, Japan. Also, I recently had an essay of mine titled "Road Kill Lady" published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Volunteering & Giving Back. And lastly, I started writing a memoir about all my crazy camp experiences; I'll probably complete it faster than something fiction of mine.
    Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud. 

  6. Internship: Like I briefly mentioned earlier, first week of September I will temporarily move down to Southern California for an internship with Dr. Maria Corrada in her Alzheimer's research through University of California Irvine. I'm both nervous and excited for this next adventure! 
Well, that's about it!

Blog to you later!


  1. I'm totes jealous of the 94.7 Birthday Bash! They had some great bands!


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